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Detailed review of Cholula Hot Sauce. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this hot sauce.

Product Name:  Cholula Hot Sauce

Overall Rating:  Hot Sauce Rating 4.5/5

Size:  5.0 oz

Price:  $ for 1 Bottle

Peppers Used:  Arbol and Piquin Peppers

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Ingredients:  Water, Peppers, Salt, Vinegar, Spices, and Xanthan

Overall Opinion:

Cholula Hot Sauce is a delicious sauce that can be added to pretty much anything.

It has so much flavor, but nothing too hot at all. It definitely has a mild spice level.

Cholula is light reddish-orange in color with a watery consistency.

Cholula is one of my favorites because I can add it to burritos, tacos, eggs, rice, crockpot meals, and so much more. It’s my personal favorite on all types of Mexican food.

I have to admit that the mild spice level is perfect for people who want a hot sauce but cannot handle intense burn. It’s a sauce that almost everyone will enjoy, but personally I think a little more spice would make it even better.

Overall, this sauce is delicious, essential, and perfect for almost everyone.

Detailed Opinion

Overall Appearance

This sauce is reddish-orange in color.

It has a watery consistency.


It smells like a mix of peppers and spices; it makes my mouth water.

It has a slight spiciness to the scent, but nothing much.

Spice Level / Heat

The spice level is mild.

I wish there was a little more spice, but I do love that it’s a sauce that can work for almost anyone no matter their hot sauce spice tolerance.

Overall Taste

I tasted Cholula Hot Sauce on chicken tacos and it added so much sweet/spicy flavor.

The perfect unique touch of spice and flavor for my family. I could handle a little more spice to it, but overall it’s amazing.

Cholula sauce on chicken tacos with a Dos Equis Lager on the side is perfection!

Ingredient Analysis

Cholula has very few ingredients.

The main ingredients are Arbol and Piquin Peppers, Salt, Vinegar, and Spices. I am not sure what it is about this mix of ingredients, but it creates a delicious sauce.

Cooked Taste Test

When I added this hot sauce to cooked chicken and allowed it to cook a bit, the sauce remained delicious, but you could taste a little more of the flavor.


The 5 oz bottle costs $. That’s a very reasonable price for a hot sauce.


I couldn’t find a guarantee on their website.

Where To Buy

To buy Cholula Hot Sauce:  Click Here

Cholula Hot Sauce:  Summary

Factor Cholula Hot Sauce
Overall Rating Hot Sauce Rating 4.5/5
Appearance Reddish-Orange in Color
Smell Pepper and Spice Scent
Spice Level/ Heat Mild
Overall Taste Unique Mild Sweet/Spicy Flavor
Ingredients Arbol and Piquin Peppers, Salt, Water, Vinegar, Spices
Cooked Taste Mild Sweet/Spicy Taste
Price Costs $ for 5 oz Bottle
Guarantee? None
Where To Buy Click Here

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