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Detailed review of President Trump Hot Sauce. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this hot sauce.

President Trump Hot Sauce ReviewProduct Name:  President Trump Hot Sauce

Overall Rating:  Hot Sauce Rating 3.5/5

Size:  5.0 oz

Price:  $ for 1 Bottle

Peppers Used:  Cayenne Peppers

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Ingredients:  Vinegar, Cayenne Peppers, Salt, Garlic, Natural Spices

Overall Opinion:

President Trump Hot Sauce is a delicious sauce that brings a touch of spice and flavor to anything you desire.

It has a medium spice level, so nothing too hot or overwhelming. Just like Trump, this sauce has a bite.

The sauce is bright reddish orange with chunks of black and red speckles.

I was surprised by the deliciousness of the sauce; it was pretty GREAT!

You can definitely taste the Garlic, Vinegar, and Cayenne Pepper. I have to admit the mix of ingredients creates a flavor leaving you craving more.

The heat comes from the Cayenne Pepper and maybe the lack of P.C.

The sauce has only natural ingredients, each adds just the right pinch of balance.

All in all, it’s a delicious sauce with lots of flavor that leaves your mouth wanting more. Perhaps I would suggest this sauce to make your dinner great again.

Detailed Opinion

Overall Appearance

This sauce is bright reddish orange with a thin runny texture.

It has black and red speckles throughout the sauce.


President Trump Hot Sauce has a peppery scent with a hint of vinegar. I actually like the taste more than the smell.

Spice Level/ Heat

President Trump Hot Sauce has a slight spice to it, so I would describe the heat level as medium.

Without any P.C. and lots of Cayenne Pepper, there is definitely a bite. It’s nothing too hot though.

Overall Taste

This is a very delicious sauce with a hint of spice.

It’s a sauce that has a very well rounded taste with a depth of flavor. I splashed it on my chicken burrito and it added the perfect amount of flavor.

I could taste the Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, and Vinegar.

Ingredient Analysis

President Trump Hot Sauce has all natural ingredients- Water, Cayenne Peppers, Salt, Garlic, and Natural Spices.

This mix of ingredients really rounds out the taste. The Cayenne Peppers bring the spice while the salt and garlic balance the flavor.

Cooked Taste Test

When I added President Trump Hot Sauce to cooked chicken and allowed it to cook a bit, the sauce developed a well-rounded depth of flavor.

Surprisingly, after cooking the sauce on the chicken, the spice actually became stronger. I was able to really taste the Cayenne Pepper.


The 5 oz bottle costs $. That’s a reasonable price considering how delicious it is.


We couldn’t find any guarantees on their website.

Where To Buy

To buy President Trump Hot Sauce:  Click Here

President Trump Hot Sauce:  Summary

Factor President Trump Hot Sauce
Overall Rating Hot Sauce Rating 3.5/5
Appearance Bright red and watery
Smell Vinegar/pepper scent
Spice Level/ Heat Medium
Overall Taste Delicious garlic pepper flavor with hint of spice
Ingredients All natural ingredients
Cooked Taste Strong flavor, more spicy, balanced flavor…mmm
Price Costs $ for 5oz bottle
Guarantee? None
Where To Buy Click Here

President Trump Hot Sauce Review

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