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Detailed review of Yellowbird Jalapeño Hot Sauce. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this hot sauce.

Product Name:  Yellowbird Jalapeño Hot Sauce

Overall Rating:  Hot Sauce Rating 4.5/5

Size:  9.8 oz

Price:  $ for 1 Bottle

Peppers Used:  Jalapeño Pepper

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Ingredients:  Jalepeno Peppers, Organic Carrots, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Onions, Garlic, Organic Cane Sugar, Salt, Lime Juice Concentrate

Overall Opinion:

This is a delicious sauce that really hits the spot, especially once it has been cooked.

It is really spicy if you try a small amount out of the bottle, but after it’s cooked, it really loses its spicy bite.

The sauce is red with darker red speckles throughout. It has a runny thin texture, so be sure to shake before using.

At first taste, it has a super spicy kick, but after it’s cooked, it becomes a well-rounded delicious sauce.  It left me craving more.

The heat comes from the Jalapeño peppers, but really calms down after cooking the sauce for just 30 seconds.

The sauce has only natural ingredients, each adds just the right pinch of balance.

All in all, it’s a delicious sauce with a very rounded flavor that leaves your mouth wanting more.  I was pleasantly surprise with this tasty mix of flavors.

Detailed Opinion

Overall Appearance

This sauce is thin, runny, and dark red. It has darker red speckles throughout. It’s made of all natural ingredients and may start to separate, be sure to shake before using.

Like I said, Yellowbird Jalapeño Hot Sauce is thin so it’s perfect as an added sauce to spice things up. You don’t need much to add flavor.


It’s a sweet but spicy scent with a tiny hint of vinegar and lime smell.

There is a uniqueness to the scent of Yellowbird Jalapeño sauce; I think it’s because of the carrot ingredient.

Spice Level/ Heat

Yellowbird Jalapeño sauce is super spicy when you try it right from the bottle. It has a kick that lasts.

Once the sauce cooks, the spicy factor really fades and it loses its bite. Still amazing with great flavors, but not nearly as spicy.

Overall Taste

This is a delicious sauce. It has a sort of sweet, but spicy taste.

It’s definitely a sauce with a kick, so be prepared for those Jalapeño peppers.

Ii think this sauce would be perfect to dab a little on some tacos to increase the flavor and add some spice. It makes me hungry just thinking about it :)

Ingredient Analysis

Yellowbird Jalapeño sauce has all natural ingredients- Jalapeño Peppers, Organic Carrots, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Onions, Garlic, Organic Cane Sugar, Salt, Lime Juice Concentrate.

This mix of ingredients really rounds out the taste. The jalapeño peppers bring the spice while the sugar and carrots balance the flavor.

Cooked Taste Test

When we added Yellowbird Jalapeño Hot Sauce to cooked chicken and allowed it to cook a bit, the sauce developed a well-rounded depth of flavor but lost the spicy bite.

I was a little bummed that it wasn’t spicier, but man was the sauce yummy. It had a slight sweetness and a really unique, but rounded flavor. I was beyond pleasantly surprised when I tried the cooked taste.

The 9.8 oz bottle costs $. This hot sauce is priced a bit below average. All-in-all its a pretty good deal considering how delicious it is!


We couldn’t find any guarantees on their website.

Where To Buy

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Yellowbird Jalapeño Hot Sauce:  Summary

Factor Yellowbird Jalapeño Hot Sauce
Overall Rating Hot Sauce Rating 4.5/5
Appearance Red, thin, and watery
Smell Sweet but spicy scent with hints of vinegar and lime
Spice Level/ Heat Spicy. Definitely a kick
Overall Taste SPICY with hint of sweetness
Ingredients All natural ingredients
Cooked Taste Strong flavor, not that spicy, balanced flavor…mmm
Price Costs $ for 9.8 oz bottle
Guarantee? None
Where To Buy Click Here

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